SEGNEANU Adrian, Răspunderea penală a angajatorului în dreptul muncii

Publicare: Revista Romana de Dreptul Muncii 5 din 2020
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Răspunderea penală a angajatorului în dreptul muncii

Răspunderea penală a angajatorului în dreptul muncii



The criminal liability of the employer in labor law attests the importance given by the legislative authorities to the protection of employees, not only by establishing detailed of legal provisions on labor law, but also by sanctioning those employers who, in the way how they exercise their assumed obligations, they actually do not respect the rights of their employees under the Collective Labor Agreement, the Individual Employment Contract, or regulations and internal regulations.

In order to establish clear boundaries between a misdemeanor conduct of the employer and a more serious violation of the law by the latter, it is also necessary a very good knowledge of the specific provisions of labor law, but also of the actions of employers who, although apparently legal, in reality they seek to violate the spirit and letter of the law.

Last but not least, the detrimental consequences for society of encouraging...

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