MARCU-SIMAN Corina Mihaela, Perioada de probă. Dificultăţi teoretice şi practice

Publicare: Revista Romana de Jurisprudenta 2 din 2022
Tip: Doctrina

Perioada de probă. Dificultăţi teoretice şi practice

Perioada de probă. Dificultăţi teoretice şi practice

Jud. drd. Corina Mihaela Marcu-Şiman

Probationary period. Theoretical and practical difficulties


Regulated in its current form since 2011, the trial period has so far undergone a veritable conceptual revival - from a period initially perceived outside the individual employment contract itself, to a period in the individual employment contract, but marked by precariousness, to the current almost unanimous doctrinal and case-law approach to the effect that during the trial period the individual employment contract is an ordinary contract in which the parties enjoy all the rights and are bound by all the obligations arising from labour law, the applicable collective labour agreement, the internal rules and the individual employment contract itself. However, there are still questions about the implementation of the legal provisions on trial period, which this study attempts to answer analytically.

Keywords: trial period, calculation...

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