DUTU Adelina, Pandemia de COVID-19 şi dreptul muncii

Publicare: Revista Romana de Dreptul Muncii 1 din 2022
Tip: Doctrina

Pandemia de COVID-19 şi dreptul muncii

Pandemia de COVID-19 şi dreptul muncii

Lector univ. dr. Adelina DUŢU

Universitatea Ecologică din Bucureşti

Consilier juridic

Institutul de Lingvistică al Academiei Române "Iorgu Iordan - Alexandru Rosetti"


The Covid-19 pandemic, which led to the establishment of a state of emergency and alert on the territory of our country, also had a significant impact on labour law.

The impact has determined the issuance of legal rules derogating from the legislation in force, with temporary applicability, corresponding to the duration of the health crisis. The aim of the legislature was to support employers as well as employees so that they could continue their work, maintain jobs and earnings.

The study aims to present and explain the derogations from the legislation in force adopted during the pandemic, their comparison with the regulations in force, the role of the employer in ordering unilateral measures, by defeating the will of the employees. Such a position is justified by the fact that the...

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