DINU Mihail, Etica oratoriei judiciare

Publicare: Revista Romana de Drept al Afacerilor 2 din 2023
Tip: Review

Etica oratoriei judiciare

Etica oratoriei judiciare

Mihail DINU


As legal practitioners, lawyers play a critical role in upholding justice and defending the rights of their clients. However, the power of persuasion that comes with the profession can be easily misused if not exercised ethically. Ethical oratory is crucial for lawyers, as it ensures that they do not cross the line between advocating for their clients and manipulating or misleading the court. In this context, ethical oratory refers to the use of language and arguments that are truthful, respectful, and comply with professional standards. By mastering ethical oratory, lawyers can not only win cases but also maintain the integrity of the legal system and uphold the trust of the public.

Keywords: ethics, oratory, lawyers, abilities.


Ca profesionişti ai dreptului, avocaţii au un rol critic în menţinerea justiţiei şi apărarea drepturilor clienţilor lor. Cu toate acestea, puterea de convingere care însoţeşte această profesie poate fi folosită...

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