TICLEA Alexandru, Durata redusă a timpului de muncă

Publicare: Revista Romana de Dreptul Muncii 1 din 2020
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Durata redusă a timpului de muncă

Durata redusă a timpului de muncă

Prof. univ. dr. h.c. Alexandru ŢICLEA


In accordance with the international and European norms, our legislation regulates, as an exception, the short duration of working time.

Such duration can be directly arranged by the legislature, for example, in the case of young people up to 18 years old or in the case of employees who work under special conditions or left exclusively within the reach of the two parts of the employment relationships (employer-employees), for example in the case of the individual part-time employment contract.

The following study describes the situations in which the reduced working time is allowed and possible under the legal provisions and according to the doctrine and practice in this matter.

Keywords: short duration of working time, individual part-time employment contract, employees who work under special conditions.


În consens cu normele internaţionale şi europene, legislaţia noastră reglementează, ca excepţie,...

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