DANILET Cristi, Consideraţii în legătură cu medierea penală

Publicare: Revista Dreptul 2 din 2014
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Consideraţii în legătură cu medierea penală

Consideraţii în legătură cu medierea penală


* e-mail: cristi.dainlet@csm1909.ro.

Judecător - Membru al Consiliului Superior al Magistraturii


Mediation is governed by Law No 192/2006. In criminal matters, mediation is a restorative practice designed to solve the conflict between the parties involved. For a limited number of offences a criminal mediation agreement has the effect of preventing the initiation of criminal prosecution or ending criminal proceedings. This does not mean that parties may come to an agreement on the criminal aspects of the criminal proceedings as the legislator may seem to let us to believe. The only aspect on which an agreement may be reached concerns withdrawal of a prior complaint or reconciliation of parties in case of certain offences; these are impediments distinctively regulated in the mediation agreement. As a matter of fact, the consensus between parties in criminal proceedings, contained in the mediation agreement, exceeds the...

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